When Warm 106.9 went on the air in 1992, a huge part of our mission was to serve and improve the local community wherever possible. This mission continues today, with Warm staff involvement in dozens of local charities and foundations. The following is just a small slice of our community efforts, but we love being able to bring a spotlight to some of our terrific partners and how they are also impacting the community.

Kids in Cars Cruising for Kudos

Every month, Shellie Hart will be giving Kudos to a Super Kid as they share their inspirational stories and describe how they create a better community for all of us.

Wet Nose Wednesday

Every week, Heather visits a local Seattle animal rescue group and finds adorable dogs and cats that are looking for their forever homes (and that could be yours!)

Warm 106.9 Teddy Bear Patrol℠

The Warm 106.9 Teddy Bear Patrol supplies teddy bears to hospitals, police & fire departments & agencies working with kids in very stressful and frightening situations.