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Want to Win the Lottery? Try Saving a Kitten

Thai kitten in pocket on a white background. Cute baby cat

A Tacoma postal worker’s efforts to rescue a trapped kitten led to his winning a $717,500 lottery prize.

Joseph Waldherr of Tacoma told Washington’s Lottery officials he was delivering the mail recently when he heard the mewling of a kitten but couldn’t find it.  The next day he heard it again and discovered the kitty was wedged into a small space.

He put the kitten in the pocket of his sweatshirt, where it slept for the rest of his shift.

The kitten rescue left him feeling lucky, so he stopped into the Quinto convenience store and bought a Hit 5 ticket.

The postal worker checked his ticket with his wife a few days later and discovered he had scored the $717,500 jackpot.

Waldherr credited the lucky kitten with his win.

Peaches, now has a new home at his house.

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