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Want to sleep better? Paint your bedroom blue!

It makes sense that your mood would be affected by the paint color of the room you’re in when you’re working, or eating, or hanging out with friends. But it turns out that the color of your surroundings affects you when your eyes are closed too — the paint color in your bedroom can determine how well you sleep.

According to experts as reported on the Today Show, the best way to make your bedroom calming and restful is to fill it with blue. Blue shades can lower your blood pressure, and a study by the Travelodge chain showed that people slept longer in a bedroom painted blue — more than other colors. They do urge you to mix it up; you can go with different shades of blue and even throw in a few accents in cream or pale yellow for some warmth, or light gray if you want to make it super-cool.

And once you get into bed inside your blue bedroom, don’t forget the 4-7-8 sleep technique that I mentioned last week — it helps too!

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