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Want A Zoom Date with Keanu Reeves?

LOS ANGELES - MAY 14:  Keanu Reeves at the Keanu Reeves Hand and
Credit: BigStockPhoto

Online bidding is open now.  Shine for Camp online auction.

The virtual date was originally valued at $10,000,

however an anonymous bidder raised the bid to $16,600.

The auction closes on June 22, and the highest bidder will schedule

their prize date for a time during the week of July 6.

15 minutes with Keanu and all proceeds go to Camp Rainbow Gold,

which aims to “provide emotionally empowering experiences

to Idaho’s children diagnosed with cancer and their families.”

Keanu’s movies: John Wick, The Matrix, Speed, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,

and so many more.

With Covid not for profits are doing virtual fundraising which is ultimately providing

very unique opportunities, like the one above.

Full Story: HERE

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