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Wanna Buy K. I. T. T.? David Hasslhoff Will Deliver

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David Hasselhoff is auctioning off the AI-enhanced Knight Industries Two Thousand car.

The 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is described as a “FULLY FUNCTIONAL K.I.T.T. CAR


according to the automobile’s listing on

Unfortunately, the prop K.I.T.T. doesn’t boast any of the capabilities of its sentient on-screen counterpart,

which could talk, drive itself and even inexplicably jump when the Hoff’s

crimefighting character activated a “turbo boost” function — think a good “Christine.”

However, the automotive assistant sports a command center-esque dashboard

that lights up just like in “Knight Rider.”

In addition, Hasselhoff, 68, will personally deliver the car to the new owner if

they pay 25% above the asking price, per the site.

(Winners who pay less will be responsible for the delivery expense.)

The current bid sits at $375,000 with a maximum of $975,000,

so prospective buyers will need to place a sizable offer if they want to purchase K.I.T.T.

at the live auction, which kicks off at noon EST on January 23.

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