Credit: Heather Lee

Wake Up With Smoother Skin? YES, PLEASE! [SiO Beauty]

We ALL have our “things.” Things we don’t LOVE about ourselves. Sometimes, we’re the only ones who notice them.

Now, I’m ALL for loving myself and embracing the memories embedded in my facial lines. It’s one reason I’ve never done injections/fillers or anything more than exactly ONE facial in my entire life. But when my singular forehead line gradually turned into 3 AND an eyebrow line, I wasn’t feeling my best. I started wearing beanies that covered them OR taking photos with my forehead cut off. That’s no way to live. Seriously. I’m ashamed to even type it. There are many more important things I could improve about myself. I mean, I could be fluent in the ASL alphabet with the time I’ve spent thinking about my forehead lines…

I ordered the SiO Beauty BrowLift.

It’s a silicone strip that you stick on your forehead while sleeping. Each strip lasts 15 uses and costs $29.95 (Before the discounts you’ll get on a first purchase + subscription.)

I’m 3 nights in…

I LOVE it! Here are my results after just 3 nights. Before on top, After on bottom:

I’m standing in the same spot, same lights (at work), no makeup (just moisturizer in both). See the difference? I do. I know it’s subtle, but I just erased a couple years of aging, in 3 nights, for less than 30 bucks! I’m excited to track my progress and update you in a month. And…even if it’s not any more significant…I’m THRILLED.

This is what the strip looks like:

And yes…It’s VERY satisfying to peel that puppy off in the morning to reveal happy skin. LOL.

No one is paying me to say this. I just wanted to share it with you. So often, you see Before/After photos and wonder if it’s real. I do. . .And this is real.

Cheers to not feeling like I HAVE to wear a beanie all the time!

And dogs. Cheers to Dogs.



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