Scotland man falls asleep on the wrong couch
Credit: BigStockPhoto

Wake up sir, this isn’t your couch.

Thomas Airlie probably thought he was doing the right thing when he took a taxi to his parents’ house to sleep off a night out with the guys.

He entered the residence, took his shoes off at the door, went to the kitchen to get a juice, and lay down on the couch. It would seem all was well.

Except his parents don’t live in that house — in Glasglow, Scotland — anymore, and they hadn’t for two years.

Elaine McDade, a dance teacher, and mother of two, lives there, and while she says Thomas was very polite, well, as polite as stranger in your home can be

Elaine said- “Every time I come into my house I lock my door behind me. Every time, it’s a habit! Even during the day, I always do it. The one and only time I don’t!” She and her children were in bed, watching TV when she went to get a drink. That’s when she spotted Airlie.

“When I saw him I woke him up straight away. I even asked him if he used to live here, or if he lived in the same street now and had just got the wrong door.” She said.

She called her husband at work, and he arrived to drive Airlie home. But Airlie couldn’t remember where he lived, so McCade’s husband dropped him off at a supermarket.

To make it even more fun; someone who knew Airlie’s parents eventually sent him the photo McCade had snapped of him on her couch, and he apologized to her most profusely on Facebook.

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