Credit: Heather Lee

Visit Bend!

AJ, Wendell and I left Bend,OR less than a week ago, and all I can think about is going back! If you’ve been, you know why I love it!

At 5.5 hours from Seattle, it’s just far enough away to feel like a “Getaway,” but close enough to enjoy for an impromptu weekend!

Of the hundreds of options, on THIS trip we:

Explored Boyd Cave with Wanderlust Tours:

Danny, our naturalist guide, made the experience fun from the first moments. He even pulled over on the way to the cave so we could witness a pack of Mule Deer navigate the snow drenched forest.

In addition to crawling and climbing, we witnessed a hibernating bat! After the 1/2 mile journey into the innermost portion of the cave, we sat down to experience complete light deprivation! If you’ve never caved, or have only been a few times (like me), this is a must-do adventure! PLUS, the temp is a steady 45ish in the cave. (Warm up in winter and cool down in summer!)

Snowshoed in the Deschutes National Forest with Wanderlust Tours:

Our naturalist guide, Courtney, narrated our journey with local history and lore. She also gave us a basic survival lesson, as we sampled edible mosses and pine. Midway through our trek, we stopped for snacks and tasted some of Bend’s local brews. If you’ve never been snowshoeing in 2-3 feet of snow-pack, what a workout! But, I’d pick snowshoeing in the forest any day over a gym stair machine 🙂

Snowboarded Mt. Bachelor:

Wendell and I snowboarded while AJ skied. I could have stayed on that perfect powder for days 🙂 One of the best parts of Mt. Bachelor is that the lift tickets are reasonably priced and the rentals are top notch! Wendell’s first snowboarding experience went pretty well too, can’t wait to show you video 🙂


Checked out the High Desert Museum:

I was so impressed with the Museum’s dedication to preserving wildlife. They’re not only home to exhibits about local culture, they take in wildlife in need of a safe home! A couple of Eagles, who suffered wing injuries preventing them from flying, live in a specially designed enclosure built for their comfort. A domesticated bobcat whose owner could no longer care for her, resides in an expansive cat house. You never know what you’ll find, as the multi-acre grounds can accommodate so many different species. Plan at least 2 hours here, or make a day of it! There’s so much to explore 🙂

Enjoyed handmade pasta at Jackson’s Corner:

Beside the awesome food, I had one of the BEST lattes of my life (Maple Ginger heaven in a cup.) Well, 3 actually…LOL With 2 locations, Jackson’s Corner is convienient, resonably priced, kid friendly and everything on the menu is delicious!

Sampled artfully inspired food and drinks at Crux Fermentation Project:

This is so much MORE than a brewery! Order the charcuterie board and send your taste buds into a fit of ecstasy. (Freeze dried vinegar, marbled Gouda, roasted pumpkin seeds and mustard seeds…This thing is unreal!)

Spent the evenings recharging in the hot tub and pool at our home-away-from-home, Doubletree Downtown Bend.

We’re excited to check out DOG SLEDDING on our next trip, and head back in the spring/summer for a host of different outdoor adventures!

Visit BEND! We’ll see you there 🙂




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