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Vin Diesel Hottest Bald Man of 2022

LOS ANGELES - APR 22:  Vin Diesel arrives for the "Avengers: End

Fans of Prince William will need to part with the idea of him being the hottest bald man two years in a row.

A study by SEO agency Reboot has determined that the Prince of Whales has been dethroned as 2022’s hottest bald man.

This year’s study looked at a wider number of factors, such as facial Golden Ratio, Twitter sentiment analysis, net worth and height.

Reboot also looked at the cranial shine factor for each heartthrob. These aspects were then used to create an index score out of 10.

Ultimately, Vin Diesel scored very highly on almost all index factors, giving him the sexiest score of 6.46.

As for Kate Middleton’s hubby, who dropped down to the fifth spot, the study shows that 15.69% of all tweets regarding Prince William depict him as sexy.

2022’s Top 10 sexiest bald men are:

1. Vin Diesel – 6.46/10

2. Stanley Tucci – 6.33/10

3. Shemar Moore – 6.25/10

4. Pitbull – 6.16/10

5. Prince William – 6.13/10

6. Jason Statham – 5.96/10

7. Bruce Willis – 4.75/10

8. Joe Rogan – 4.37/10

9. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – 3.62/10

10. Mike Tyson – 2.50/10

Floyd Mayweather Jr. just missed the Top 10, coming in at the 11th spot with a sexy score of 2.29.

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