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Video Gaming Addiction is Real

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reSTART is credited as being the first internet and video game addiction treatment center in the United States.

With the stay home order recovering gamers are struggling.

Today, reSTART (in Redmond WA) specializes in addiction to smartphones,

internet video games and other screen distractions.

“Unlike drug addicts and alcoholics who can just never touch it again,

our guys have to get back on the internet eventually,” said reSTART co-founder Hilarie Cash.

“Sometimes adolescents become extremely depressed and start having suicidal thoughts,

or suicidal attempts or self-harm attempts,” said Cash.

Amid stay-at-home orders across the country,

screen time is hitting all-time highs and people are as connected to technology as ever.

Cash said the key is moderation.

“While it’s OK for parents to loosen up their limits on screen time,

the key is not letting that become the new normal,” she said.

“It’s just very easy at that point for somebody who’s skating really close to the edge of addiction

to skate right over the edge into it,” said Cash.

“Whether you’re an adult or a kid – and if you can’t maintain

moderation that’s a signal you’re in trouble.”

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