V-Day Why All The Haters?!

Have you noticed that it’s become trendy to hate Valentine’s Day?

Complaints range from hating the commercialism to being proud of single-life. (And everything negative in between…)

This behavior/attitude is not cute. It’s unnecessary. And what’s so horrible about giving and/or receiving Love?

Full disclaimer: Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. It has been since I was a kid. I have fond memories of shopping with my Dad for the perfect gift for my Mother. I’d also receive a small gift myself, from our family dog. It was perfect.

As an Adult, I still love it. Man-friend or not. In 2017, relationship status is totally irrelevant to a holiday about celebrating love…Some years I celebrate with dogs, others I schedule a donation to Blood Works NW.

THIS YEAR, I’ll be out with PAWS…Welcoming the Wings Of Rescue “Flight Of The Valentines!” More than 400 dogs and cats will be taking their freedom flights. Landing in places like Seattle, where organizations like PAWS will find them forever homes. I’m tearing up already, thinking about it.

For me, love is about service. It’s giving time and attention to charity. It’s putting my heart and passion towards a cause that makes me feel like I’m living a meaningful existence.

Tuesday is the day I celebrate LOVE and it’s power to change the world around me. I’m aware this can be done everyday. But 2-14 is like a yearly invitation to kick it up a notch.

To that invitation: I accept!




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HI! I have a dog who sleeps in a cat tree and a cat who comes when he's called. I'm fueled by coffee, music & optimism. Things like yoga and gardening fill my warm weather weekends. I strongly believe that mini golf IS a sport, words are weapons and beauty exists in the spaces between definition. Ask me anything...Except regarding Fight Club...I won't talk about Fight Club.