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Valentines Day Revenge

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We heard about naming a madagascar cockroach after your ex for Valentines day.

That is just the tip of the iceberg.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but not everyone thinks of it as the day of love. An animal rescue center in Pennsylvania has a way to get back at your ex while donating to their organization.

T&D Cats of the Wild, an exotic wildlife rescue in Penns Creek, has a different take on the holiday of love.

“Toss your ex to the wolves! Yes, just a little twist on Valentine’s Day,” said co-owner Jennifer Mattive.


A police department in Georgia has endorsed an empowering alternative to the romanticized traditions of Valentine’s Day.

As millions of couples exchange flowers, chocolate and others gifts, the Rockmart Police Department, located about an hour west of Atlanta, encouraged their followers on Facebook to get back at their ex (or current partner!) with the help of local law enforcement.

“Do you have an ex-Valentine and know they have outstanding warrants? Do you have information that they are driving with drugs in their car? Give us a call with their location and we’ll take care of the rest,” they wrote on Feb. 2, in a post with now more than 600 shares on the social network. Their announcement was later shared on other platforms, including Instagram where it garnered 259,000 likes on the Shade Room account.

Rockmart police went on to imply they would provide an all-inclusive stay for their delinquent ex-lover, though it won’t be the sort of couples’ resort experience that many will take on Feb. 14.

And then there is this….

What better way to send a message to your crappy ex than naming a litter box after them?

The Sioux Falls Area Humane Society will write your ex’s name on a litter box for a donation between $5-30, and one of the adoptable cats will — ahem — do what they will with them.

“We know not everyone really likes Valentine’s Day, so this offers something so someone who’s not feeling so happy about Valentine’s day,” said Bethany Buitenbos, marketing manager for SFAHS.

Names will be written on the bottom of a littler box, and depending on how many names are submitted, Buitenbos plans to take a picture of all the names before the cats use them.


So is Valentines day about love? 

Or revenge for love gone wrong? 

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