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Valentine’s Day Nail Art In Seattle WA [Metallic Hearts]


I’ve been known to have elaborate nail designs.

Now, don’t mistake me for Cardi B…I don’t have extreme NAILS. They are not long or pointed. But they DO sometimes boast hours of free-hand-art.

If you’ve ever gone to a salon and asked for a special design, many times you’re greeted with “No.”

For real. I was told “No” so many times and I then I would settle for a classic color.

If you’re told “No,” show them a YouTube tutorial video of what you want. If you keep your expectations reasonable, stay kind and positive (even if it’s not EXACTLY what you wanted) I PROMISE, they’ll do anything you want after that.

I went with a REALLY simple, understated toffee shade of OPI (Going My Way Or Norway) and an Orange/Red metallic. Love to Tammy (and Helen) at Premier Nails & Spa in Bellevue. It’s important for you to know that they are not sponsoring this post or compensating me in any way to say nice things. I’m a client and I really love them.