Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be cheesy

There’s a lot of pressure to do the traditional stuff on Valentine’s Day, but hey, it’s kind of a made-up holiday, so it’s perfectly fine if you make up your own celebration. I found some pretty good ideas from They say:

Forgot to plan something for Valentine’s Day, but don’t want to do the typical cheeseball romance stuff? Here are some last-minute ideas that will let you show how much you care without feeling cliche — and without breaking the bank. (Okay, okay, some of these might be a little cheesy, but come on, it’s Valentine’s Day. Lighten up.)

Some of their suggestions: Create something together. Have a cooking contest. Buy a cheap flight to somewhere you’ve never been. Or, be a tourist in your own city. Or how about this bold idea:  Do nothing (hopefully with your sweetie, but if that’s not an option, then hey, be good to yourself for a change.)

Check out the whole list here.

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