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Update: 6 Year-Old Who Gave to Dorian Relief IS Going to Disney World!

Earlier this week Jermaine’s incredibly generous donation to help the victims of Hurricane Dorian came at the expense of his trip to Disney World.  Ready for some GREAT news?“I just wanted to be generous” Jermaine told CNN last week.

His incredible spirit has now been rewarded.  Disney employees showed up at his house a few days later and offered him a full, expenses paid, trip to the most magical place on earth!

What an incredibly kind and wise beyond his years young man.  My son is only a few months older… I can’t wait to share this story with him.

All this week you’ll also be rewarded for listening.  It’s a family vacation to Disney LAND.  Same magic, different coast.  Listen for the Disney Song of the Day in the 6am hour!

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