Uber fail!

We all have those nights, you get a little tipsy and head out to the Uber to get a ride home! (Don’t drink & drive!)

Sometimes, you get more than a little tipsy and, unbeknownst to you, the Uber is actually a cop car.  Oh, that doesn’t happen to everybody?

Well, it happened to Brady Reiff, a University of Iowa football player who got arrested over the weekend for public intoxication when he climbed into the back of a police cruiser thinking it was his Uber. Reiff originally attempted to sit shotgun in the vehicle, but realized there was already a passenger there. That’s when he moved to the back seat, climbed in and asked the officers for a ride home. Rather than a ride home, Brady was given a ride to jail.

Luckily for the officers, it made for the easiest arrest ever. It’s not every day the guy just voluntarily gets into the cop car.

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