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U.S. Open and the Putt Heard ‘Round the World

Pro golfer, and all around good guy so I feel sorry for picking on him, Phil Mickelson logged what is probably the shortest missed putt in pro golf history at the U.S. Open.  Making terrible short game golfers, like myself, feel much better.  So thanks Phil!

Now I don’t feel so bad about sending the ball in the water at Family Fun Center in Tukwilla.

This is my life for the next two days:  Sports!  Got a Little League game for my son in Mukilteo on Saturday then I’m parkin’ my golf lovin’ behind on the couch to watch US Open golf from Pebble Beach!  Couch meet butt, butt meet couch.  They’ve met before actually… but it’s time to rekindle the relationship this Father’s Day weekend.

Enjoy yours!!

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