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“Tweet to Pop” ~ Katy Perry’s Invitation

Colorful Balloons As Targets. Wall Of Multicolor Balloons With S
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Katy Perry is inviting you to pop a balloon to reveal the cover of her next album.

“Help me find my smile,” she writes. Play and Win…what you’ve been asking for.”

It seems like Katy is hinting that the album title may have the word “smile” in it,

or perhaps just an image of her smiling.  All will likely be revealed very soon.

If you go to twitter @katyperry you can pop a balloon,.

I didn’t see anything but maybe there is one specific balloon that

when it gets popped we will see the cover????

The album, Katy’s fifth, is due August 14, right around the time she’s expecting to welcome her baby daughter.

Full story: HERE

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