Tuesday Holiday Zoom Tips

Kid Sing With Mic. Cheerful Event Manager. Child Have Fun On Par

Card Exchange, Musical Chairs, Decorate together, Sharing Holiday Memories 8 out of 13.

5. Card Exchange

Exchange the gift of kind words with this activity.

Have your guests anonymously draw a name before the party and set aside

some time to allow everyone to write out a virtual Christmas card to their recipient.

6. Musical Chairs

Like regular musical chairs except this time instead of moving your bums,

you’ll be moving your mouth.

One person cranks up the holiday tunes (WARM 106.9) and everyone sings along.

Whoever is left singing once the music stops has to take a shot.

7. Decorate Together

One of the best things to do with loved ones during the holidays.

Prop your laptop or tablet up in a safe place and deck your halls

while chatting away with your friends.

8. Share Favorite Holiday Memories

As the holidays are often a time of reflection,

have your guests share their favorite holiday memories and feel the true warmth of the season.

More Next Tuesday.

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