Trump doubles down that testing won’t “be a problem at all”

Trump Doubles Down That Testing Won't "be A Problem At All"

iStock/filadendron (WASHINGTON, D.C.) — With studies saying five million COVID-19 tests need to be done per day by June, as per Harvard University, in order to begin safely reopening the economy, President Donald Trump maintained on Tuesday that the U.S. will hit that goal due to new testing guidelines from the White House.

While guidance from the White House comes in a blueprint and an overview, it tasks states to amp up testing efforts — leaving the federal government as a “last resort.”

The president announced Tuesday while touting the Paycheck Protection Program, “We’re gonna make it so — as we’re opening up the country — you’re gonna be in good shape as opposed to be losing your business.”

A for hitting that five million goal, the president added, “We will be there very soon. If you look at the numbers, it could be that we are getting close. I don’t have the numbers right now. We will be there soon.”  He continued that the nation has done more testing than any other country, saying “we tested more than every country combined.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday on CNN that everyone who needs a test should be able to obtain one by May’s end or early June.  He said those dates are estimates made by “the people who are responsible for the testing.”

Assistant Secretary for Health Administration Brett Giroir said the nation is currently testing two percent of its population per month, saying it is “really is sort of a minimum floor.”

When speaking of Harvard’s study regarding the five million tests a day, Giroir added “We don’t believe those estimates are really accurate, nor are they reasonable in our society.”

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