Trouble Coming up With Dating Texts?

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Here are 20 texts to send your crush during the BIG GAME!!

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made it to the Super Bowl LV.

But the buzz about this game includes so much more than who’s coming out on top.

If you’re brainstorming texts to send your crush during the game,

there’s no shortage of things to discuss. Generally speaking,

it’s super cool that the Bucs are playing at Raymond James,

their home stadium. It’s bonkers that Tom Brady has been to nine Super Bowls

 and is working on his 10th. Sarah Thomas will be

the first woman to officiate the Super Bowl. (It’s about damn time!)

Here are 20 more conversation starters to get some texts going with your crush on Sunday.

Early in the Game or Beforehand

1. “So, who are you rooting for?”

2. “How do you think tonight is going to play out?

3. “Would you hate me if I said I’m rooting for the Buccaneers tonight?

4. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait for Jazmine Sullivan to kill this National Anthem. Have you listened to Heaux Tales yet?

5. Thinking about the fact that Tom Brady has been to the Super Bowl 10 times now? Goodbye!

6. “Worst National Anthem rendition you’ve ever heard? You know who my faves are, so answer carefully.

7. “It’s pretty awful that the Kansas City Chiefs are still using that name. What do you think they should change it to?

8. I know you listen to H.E.R. and I was wondering what you thought about her ‘America The Beautiful?'”

9. “Very important question: Are you making any fun snacks for tonight?

Right Around Half-Time

10. “NGL, I’m so hype about The Weeknd!

11. “What’s your fave Weeknd song?

12. “Ahhhh, those were all so good! What was your fave ad tonight?

13. “I know everyone’s been talking about this on Twitter, but I’m curious: Do you feel like The Weeknd should have been nominated for a Grammy?”

14. “Wanna take a half-time bet on who’s going to win?”

The Second Half

15. “Which halftime show were you more into, The Weeknd this year or J. Lo and Shakira last year?”

16. “OK, this game is wild! Did we think that team was going to be winning *like this*?”

17. “I can’t do this RN. I’m legit looking at the TV through my hands!”

18. “So, I saw the seven-layer dip you’re bodying on your Story and I think you should make some for me on our next date.”

19. “I’m still thinking about the fact you ordered my fave wings without me. You can lose my number, actually.”

20. “I kiiind of wish I was watching the Super Bowl with you.”

Send your crush any of the above texts and best believe you’ll score.

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