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Trending, Baby Names with 3 Letters

Three Babies Sitting Indoors Holding Hands

Three-letter names can be some of the most classic and timeless names to give to babies.

However, they can also be unique and whimsical as well. It all depends on the direction that parents want to take the short and sweet names. And because they make for easy names to put together with middle names, many are drawn to baby girl and boy names with just three letters.

For decades, three-letter names have been popular as a result of how easily they roll off the tongue and how well they transition from childhood to adulthood. This is because they are sweet and playful for babies and young children and then can be powerful and strong as they age. Not many names can do this which may be why the short three-letter names have stood the test of time from the earliest days of tracking which infant names are in demand to present.

Here are some baby girls’ names with just three letters.

1. Ava

2. Eva

3. Fay

4. Gia

5. Isa

Here are some baby boys’ names with just three letters.

1. Ace

2. Asa

3. Cam

4. Coy

5. Dax

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