Pike Place Market Seattle top 5 sunset
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Top 5 places to watch the Sunset!

With all this summer heat, we have clear skies and clear skies mean some beautiful sunsets, but where should you go to capture the best view (aka Instagram worthy photo) of the sunset?

5.  Golden Gardens/Shilshole Bay

Anywhere along Shilshole Bay is a great place to watch the sunset, but why not have a picnic and bonfire at Golden Gardens and make it a whole thing!  A perfect summer spot!

And hey, it’s a great spot for yoga too, just ask Seattle Yoga News and check out this pic they took!

top 5 seattle sunset golden gardens shilshole bay
Sunset at Golden Gardens
Photo courtesy of Seattle Yoga News

4. Safeco Field

Even with the roof closed, sunsets at Safeco Field can be pretty spectacular! The colors are awesome. Bonus, you get to watch the Mariners play too!

Top 5 sunset seattle safeco field
Sunset at Safeco Field

3. Aboard a Washington State Ferry!

You can get away from the city and see the sunset with a view like no other. All aboard!

Washington State Ferry Seattle Top 5 sunset
A ferry crossing the Puget Sound at sunrise with Mount Rainier in the background

2. Charles Richey Sr. Viewpoint

Just past the lighthouse at Alki Point, is Charles Richey Sr. Viewpoint and the view from there is spectacular!  It is quieter than the main drag at Alki, allowing you to enjoy the moment!

alki lighthouse seattle top 5 sunset
Seattle’s Alki Point Lighthouse taken from the water on a cloudy sunlit day

1.The lighthouse at Discovery Park

It may feel like you’re at the end of the world, and you might be.  There’s something eerie, but awesome about this place and the sunset makes it magical.

discovery park seattle top 5 sunset
West Point Lighthouse at Discovery Park

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