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Top 5 Must Haves for your College-Bound Kid!

It’s that time. You’ve waited 18 years for this.  You’re sending your child off to college.  There’s a nervous excitement, an energy in the air.  Will they be able to be responsible? Have you set them up for success?  Deep breaths, you’ve done a great job, trust that they can do this because you’ve set them up to succeed.  You do have one more important task to complete before you send them off to fend for themselves… (let’s be honest, they’ll be home with dirty laundry in no time).

Check out our Top 5 Must Haves for Your College-Bound Kid!

5. A portable shower caddy is a must-have!  You don’t want your kiddo to be shlepping all their bathroom essentials back and forth in a plastic bag!  Remember to think of something that’s lightweight and can dry easily to avoid mildew.

Something like this one from Bed, Bath & Beyond


Top 5 Must Haves college bound student kidShower Caddy
Top 5 Must Haves- Shower Caddy

4. Storage space is essential in the confines of a dorm and bed-risers will help to provide much-needed storage under the bed!  These risers from Target are extra special because they have outlets in them as well! Not only do you get the added benefit of storage space, you also get the convenience of extra outlets! Double bonus!

Bed Risers w/ outlets from Target

3. If you send your kid off to college armed with this Target toolkit, you can bet they’ll be ready to conquer anything that’s thrown their way.  Ok, ok, it’s not a magical toolkit, but, it can at least help them to fix a loose screw or look the part!

Toolkit from Target

2. Let’s face it, kids are messy, and college kids might be the worst offenders.  If you send them off to college with a vacuum cleaner, there’s at least a chance they may use it once or twice!  A cordless vacuum may even up the usage simply because it’s so darn easy! So, look for something like this Shark cordless vacuum from Bed, Bath & Beyond!

Top 5 College Must Haves cordless vacuum college bound student kid
Top 5 College Must Haves- cordless vacuum

Number 1! Ok, we’ve acknowledged that college kids might not be great at picking up after themselves, so imagine how that dorm room might smell when you come to visit… dirty laundry, leftover food, general stinkage… it’s not a pretty picture! Thank goodness for air fresheners!  This GermGuardian plug in will deodorize, sanitize, purify and freshen!

Top 5 College Must Haves- air freshener college bound dorm room
Top 5 College Must Haves- air freshener

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