Cat laptop Top 5 christmas gifts for pets pt gifts cat toys dog toys
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Top 5 gifts for your pets!

Our pets are family too, so we can’t imagine them waking up on Christmas morning and not having anything under the tree!  (We recognize that not all pets celebrate Christmas. These gifts make great Hanukkah or Kwanzaa pet presents too!)

We have compiled some of the most fun gifts for your precious four-legged family members, enjoy!

(Please remember, the pictures do not depict actual gift item, you will need to click on the photo link or item link to see)

#5- Stuffed Taco Dog Toy

Everyone loves a good taco Tuesday, even your pup! Now everyday can be Taco Tuesday with an adorable stuffed Taco toy! There are actually a few variations available at! Check them out here and here!

stuffed taco dog toy top 5 gifts for your pets Christmas gifts for pets dog toys cat toys
Taco Tuesday!

And just because we don’t want to leave the cats out of the Taco fun; try this awesome Taco Cat Bed!

#4- The Cat Ball Cat Bed

The Cat Ball comes in quite a few variations, but we think the Shark bed takes the cake. It’s good for a laugh for the human and snuggles for the cat!

Shark Cat Bal Cat Bed Top 5 gifts for your pets Top 5 Christmas gifts for pets
Shark Cat Ball Cat Bed

#3- Hey Look! A squirrel!

Few things can get a pup as excited as chasing squirrels in the park, and now you can bring that excitement to your living room and keep the squirrels safe!  It’s the Hide-a-Squirrel dog toy! Fun for the whole family!

Squirrel dog toy hide a squirrel dog toy top 5 christmas gifts for pets dog toys cat toys

#2- Laptop Cat Scratching Pad

If you’re like us, you’re constantly having to shoe your cat away away from your laptop.  There’s something about the heat, the buttons and the idea that they can drive you crazy that makes laptops irresistible to felines.  Now you can give them a laptop they can love!

Cat laptop Top 5 christmas gifts for pets pt gifts cat toys dog toys

#1- iFetch Pet Toy

With the iFetch, your pup can get exercise and play fetch even when you’re not home! It comes in three different sizes (Here, Here and Here!) and gives endless hours of fun!

dog fetch ifetch top 5 Christmas gifts for pets doy toys cat toys
Pup playing fetch

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