Credit: Neil Enns

Top 5 Championship Songs!

In honor of our Seattle Storm winning their 3rd WNBA Championship, we thought we’d put together a list of the Top 5 Championship songs; it just makes sense, right?

#5- Destiny’s Child “Survivor”

From the get go, this song is made for a highlight reel! Can you just picture it? Whether you’re winning championships or just winning by actually getting on your stationary bike instead of using it as a clothes rack, you’re a Surivor, you’re gonna keep on survivin’!

#4- Katy Perry “Roar”

She’s got the g-d Eye of the Tiger people! She’s louder than a lion! A lion! That’s the King of the Animals and she’s louder! Talk about a Champion.

#3- Journey “Don’t Stop Believin'”

It perfectly encapsulates that feeling of watching your team win a championship- you can’t believe it, you don’t want to stop believin’ it… you want to hold on to that feeeeeeeeliiiiiing. You get the picture…

#2- The Script “Hall of Fame”

You’re standing in the Hall of Fame. The world’s gonna know your name. You know whose names the world knows? Champions, that’s who.

#1- Queen “We Are The Champions”

This will forever be the song that fans and teams alike sing at the top of their lungs after clinching that final victory.  Whether you’re holding onto the actual championship trophy or raising a celebratory glass of champs in your living room, “we are the champions, my friends.”

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