Top 5 Backyard Water Toys Seattle summer hot
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Top 5 Backyard Water Toys!

Ok Seattle, we get it, it’s been HOT! Beaches are crowded, people are cranky and patience is wearing thin!

Luckily we have put together the TOP 5 backyard water toys to make your own house a refreshing oasis for you and/or your kiddos!

5.  Your very own Splash Pad! The Art Blobz splash pad isn’t just a splash pad either, the kiddos can color on it and then turn the water on for tons of fun!

4. The Unicorn Sprinkler! You will be the hit of the neighborhood and endlessly cool with this awesome and fun sprinkler!

3. Your very own Wave Pool! Slide on the boogie board straight down the ramp to the pool for the ultimate cool off!

2. Now THAT’s a Slip ‘n Slide!! Regular slip ‘n slide’s are great and all, but you’re a full-sized adult those things are teeny! This is where it’s at!

1.Why not just go ALL OUT with the Banzai Inflatable Big Blast Cannon Splash Slide Lagoon Pool Outdoor Water Park!

This thing is amazing for everyone in the family. Slide down the slide, lounge in the pool, blast the other adults with the water cannon, the possibilities are endless and so is the fun!


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