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The Top 10 Workout Songs of 2016

No excuses! Let’s get moving and make those New Year’s resolutions come true! If you need a soundtrack to get you motivated, we’ve got you covered.  Or actually the website Run Hundred has you covered. Each month they poll 40,000 users about what music they’re using for their workouts, and they put a list together. A lot of what makes a song right for fitness purposes has to do with its tempo, a.k.a “beats per minute,” a.k.a. BPM. As you can see from the list, most of the songs land in the 110-130 BPM range. I guess that does something to your pulse and keeps you moving.

So, here are the workout songs that Run Hundred users picked as the year’s best:

For a fresh start to your 2017 fitness goals, give these a try yourself, or head over to Run Hundred to subscribe and get a new list every month. You can actually play each song right in the email in case you’re not familiar with it. They also make mixes for you , and sort playlists by decade, and slice and dice the songs in a few other handy ways.

And remember — we live in the Northwest. We’re not going to let a little cold or rain stop our workout, right? Right?

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