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Too Soon? I Think So!

PASADENA - May 5: Alex Trebek in the press room at the 46th Dayt
Photo Credit: Bigstock user Joe Seer

There is already someone vying for Alex Trebek’s job as Jeopardy host.  Who?  Keep reading…

I mean the poor man, a national treasure, has been gone two days.  Give it some time!  This world needs to slow down and process things especially these issues that are so emotionally charged.

I hate the cliched phrase… because it seems so disrespectful to the person who passed.  But it’s so fitting here.

Can’t you wait ’til the body’s cold first?

R.I.P Mr Trebek… The fight you put up was not only courageous and inspiring but also incredibly dignified.

I wish I could say the same of the folks lining up for your “gig” sir.