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Together We Can Do More

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Albertons and Safeway want you to know…

Our associates have been with you on the front lines throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their amazing work and positive attitude while safeguarding the spaces we share have been an inspiration for our entire nation.

Now we (Albertsons) want to do more.

This time of extraordinary need demands an unprecedented response.

The basic needs of many of our neighbors are threatened like never before, so we are donating $50 million toward hunger relief in our communities across the country.

This new cash commitment will help ensure people in our neighborhoods have access to the healthy food they need even as they may face uncertainty in their lives.

All donations will stay local to provide funds to fight hunger in helping foodbanks stay stocked, getting meals to kids who rely on being in school for food, and supporting senior meal programs.

We hope that you will join us in our efforts to fight hunger.

Together we know we can do even more.

More info: HERE

Albertons Mission: Dedicated to bettering the lives of people in our neighborhoods.

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