toddlers bikinis two piece swimsuit
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Toddlers; here we go again…

Are Bikinis a problem on toddlers?

You’re reading that and probably thinking one of three things;

a) are people actively out there trying to find things to be offended by?

b) yes! what are we teaching our girls if we put them in bikinis?

c) omg, my little one looks so adorable in her two piece!

First off, toddlers/young girls in bikinis isn’t a recent thing; I wore one when I was a wee kiddo in the 80’s.  My daughter has had two-piece bathing suits since she was 6 months old, she’s had one-pieces too, she’s worn bottoms and a rash guard, or just bottoms and now that she’s almost 4, she can wear whatever she’s comfortable in, or whichever one doesn’t have food or chocolate milk on it at the time. (Yes, I give my child chocolate milk, yes I know it has sugar in it. We can save that debate for another time.)

Usually she wants to wear whichever one feels more twirly at the time, it’s how she judges most of her clothes. If it twirls, swishes or has glitter on it, she’s into it. But, I digress… I have never given a 2nd thought as to whether a two-piece bathing suit is inappropriate for a child until now:

Are we turning kids into mini-adults?

In this case, it seems that most people can agree that this shouldn’t be something we get worked up over, but you still have to wonder how it even got brought up in the first place.


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