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To arrest or not to arrest….

Officers in Roswell, Georgia are under scrutiny after using a coin flip to decide if they were going to arrest a speeding driver.

Officer Courtney Brown can be heard on her body cam asking the offender, Sarah Webb if she knows how fast she was going. Webb apologizes saying she was late for work. She was reportedly going 80mph in a 45mph zone.  Officer Brown then joins her partner, Officer Kristee Wilson and the two are debating whether or not to arrest Webb, or just let her go.  One of them pulls out her cell phone and opens a coin flip app. Wilson suggests that heads should mean arrest and tails should mean release. Brown agrees and flips the coin in the app.

The officers ended up arresting Webb and charging her with going too fast for conditions and reckless driving.  Word of the coin flip exchange made it to the higher ups and both officers are now under investigation for the way it was handled.

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Later, Brad in Kent called up with a story about how HE made a major life decision based on a coin flip…

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