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Tiny Girl Scout Takes a New Sales Tactic Viral

Nothing can stop Girl Scout cookie season — not even a pandemic.

During normal times, first-grader Allie Shroyer, from Scottsdale, Ariz.,

might have sold cookies to her neighbors face-to-face,

but the coronavirus pandemic forced her to re-think her strategy.

In a now-viral video,

Allie made her adorable sales pitch to a doorbell security camera,

which her mom, Kristen Shroyer, posted on Facebook last week.

“Hello, I’m Allie!” she says, standing in front of the camera.

“Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies? What kind would you like?”

“You can buy them $5 in each, so, would you like one?”

she adds a bit later. “Or two or three or four or five?

Or six or seven or eight or nine or 10?

I don’t know, maybe 11, 12? Well, that’s a lot.”

For those unsure of what cookies to order,

Allie said the cookie box colors could help potential customers decide.

Full Story and Video: HERE