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Time to get REAL about your I.D.

It amazes me things so important often slip though the cracks… but the powers that be here in Washington State hope that does NOT happen this time.  They’re spending a lot of money to make sure you’re in the know when it comes to traveling and new identification requirements.  Time to get ready for “Real ID”.Admittedly it’s not the sexiest thing to write about… but I’d seriously hate it if anyone in October of next year is going through the TSA line at Seatac airport unaware of the new requirements.  I’d hate even more being right behind them in the TSA line.  Seriously.

What You NEED to Know CLICK HERE

So the good news is there are EXISTING id documents that WILL work for domestic travel in 2020.  But not everyone has a passport or enhanced driver’s license.  Or, as is the case with mine, your passport is set to expire before the October 2020 deadline.  There is even an option to travel if you’ve FORGOTTEN your approved ID.  It does sound like you’ll have to jump through a TON of hoops… but it just may save your vacation or business trip.

Here’s THAT Info from the Federal Government CLICK HERE

Just wait until all the commercials, facebook posts and even billboards pop up to remind people.  It’s gonna’ be a crazy campaign… but even through all that effort and money SOMEONE will still drop the ID ball, mark my words!

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