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TikToker Teaches Dog to Hopscotch

The Owner Walks The American Cocker Spaniel Dog In The Park.

More like a hopper spaniel.

A dog owner claims her cocker spaniel could be the first pooch in the world to master hopscotch.

Emily Anderson, a 31-year-old dog trainer, has captured her precious pup Leo playing hopscotch.

She’s already taught 3-year-old Leo to paint with a brush, perform CPR and play tennis, but this trick makes him the king of the dog park.

“It was the longest it’s ever taken me to do anything,” Anderson told South West News Service. “It was a couple of months. It’s definitely the most difficult one I’ve done with him.”

She captured the amazing trick on video, which has amassed more than 270,000 views and 16,100 likes on TikTok alone.

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