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TikTok OBSESSED [Are You Using It?]

Less than a week ago, I discovered TikTok.

Initially, I had the shock and disappointment that accompanies being “Late to the party.” This platform has been out in the US for over a year and last week was the FIRST I’d heard of it. How lame am I? When did I get old? (I mean, a FOURTH grader is the one who told me about it…)

After the self-deprecation faded and I jumped in…I was HOOKED. So hooked, my normal Netflix addiction took a backseat as I binged on TikTok and tried to learn as much as I could in the first 48 hours.

Classically, an adult without content on a social platform is CREEPY as HECK. So, objective number one: NOT be creepy and get some decent content generated ASAP.

Why do I love it? Watch this:

Yes. Create, Edit & add MUSIC unapologetically unavailable on other platforms.

The MUSIC part is the game changer for me.

Additionally, unlike VINE (Which I loved), the level of difficulty isn’t super high. There are users who ONLY lip synch and have more than 10k followers.

So…I’m 5 days in. I’ve posted 11 videos, have gained 36 followers and 747 hearts.Considering I don’t ACTUALLY know anyone on there IRL, I’m happy with my little tribe.

Additional bonus: It takes me LESS time to get a post up than on Instagram (In part because I’m not dealing with a ZILLION hashtags and waiting for the location finder to kick in.)

BTW, here’s my IG if you want it 😉

***I’m not allowed to link my TikTok profile here because WARM 106.9 is a business and TikTok has strict rules about businesses…

Happy Tik-ing and Tok-ing.




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