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Three Hacks to Getting the Perfect Watermelon

Many Big Sweet Green Watermelons And One Cut Watermelon.young Gr

Picking out that sweet sticky fruit can prove tricky.

Last year I couldn’t pick a good one to save my life, but thanks to

Shannon Doherty, known online Tic Toc as @athomewithshannon.

I will be getting the perfect watermelon.

Sitting outside wearing a pink headband and a tie-dye T-shirt,

the mom-of-four shares her hacks.

There is an art to picking the perfect watermelon?

Here are three easy hacks to getting the perfect watermelon every time.

The first is no matter the size of the watermelon, it should feel heavy, like super heavy.

Second, it should have a big yellow patch.

Third, the knock, but you can hear the knock and what it “should” sound like.

BOOM…perfect watermelon.

Full Story and Video: HERE

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