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Those Hard To Recycle Products

Plastic Bottle Caps
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In 2019 alone, the company saved an estimated 170,000 pounds of household waste from landfills.

Now that is helping!!!

What started as a father-and-son recycling project between Ryan Metzger and his 8-year-old son,

Owen, has now turned into Ridwell, a recycling collection service used by over 4,500 Seattleites and counting.

The company found its niche by collecting hard-to-dispose-of items that are not accepted in the city’s curbside collection

like light bulbs, electronics, plastic wrap and single-use plastic bags, which the city stopped accepting as of Jan. 1.

For $10-14 each month, customers are given a bin, reusable bags, and access to biweekly pickups of their items.

“We found that there was a huge demand for making it easier to get rid of household items and recycle or reuse them in a positive way,”

said Metzger. “Our members were extremely enthusiastic to see their items being re-purposed instead of wasted.”

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Ridwell Recycling

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