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This Years Most Dangerous Toy

Hard to believe a toy used by numerous animals can be a danger to our kids.

So when I saw this article that unpowered scooters are the most dangerous toy this year, I was surprised.  First of all my grandchildren all have one and so far they have not had any serious injuries.  But then I thought “Wait a MINUTE didn’t I just see a dog riding a scooter?  And a squirrel, a racoon, a parrot, a monkey and even a bear!!

So seriously, not to dis on the homeowners insurance but how dangerous are they really?  I guess if you are going down a very steep hill or maybe stairs without a helmet, yeah that could get dicey.

Three guys, Clayton Lindly, Whitetrash Willy and well, couldn’t quite catch his name it sounded like duty.  They talk about a bunch of video’s with a bunch of animals not only riding unpowered scooters, but even some powered scooters and cars.  Usually I just skip through the video’s to get what I need but these kids were pretty funny. So it is worth a watch and if you enjoy, give them a like.

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