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This Thief Got Pinched!

Ya really can’t make this stuff up…

Woman Arrested For Stealing Lobster From Red Lobster: CBS claims the Laurel, Maryland police recently arrested a woman for stealing a lobster from Red Lobster. The woman was leaving the restaurant when she stole the lobster from a large tank. Employees quickly called 911 before cops surrounded the woman in the parking lot and found the lobster in her trunk. The woman was cited for theft before the lobster was returned to his tank.

The Laurel police had fun with the arrest by Facebooking … A woman landed herself in hot water last night after a reel cray-sea theft that left employees steamed. Last evening at 1814 hours, Laurel Police officers responded to the Red Lobster in the 14300-block of Baltimore Avenue after a woman, very shellfishly, swiped a live lobster from the tank. Determined knot to let her escape, LPD brought in extra mussel and the suspect’s getaway plans floundered. Turns out she porpoisely took the lobster pacificly to eat later. In a pinch, knowing that schooner or later officers would conch-fish-scate the crustacean, she admitted that the lobster was in the trunk of her car. The woman was arrested and later issued a criminal citation. The lobsterwas returned to the tank. No animals were harmed during this dramatic re-enactment of the rescue…

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