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They once hurt his feelings, but now Michael Bublé’s all about those Christmas memes

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Michael Bublé is so associated with Christmas that he’s the subject of several holiday-related memes, most of which have to do with him “emerging from hibernation” to welcome the season.  These memes also suggest that Christmas is all he’s got going on, which is why, he says, they used to bother him — but not anymore.

“First time I saw the memes, it hurt my feelings, ’cause I thought, ‘Oh…they’re obviously taking a swing at me,” Michael tells ABC Audio. “And then I realized, years later, that the meme had nothing to do with making fun of me…[it] had become the internet’s way of saying, ‘Hey, Christmas is coming.'”

He adds, “I remember I called a friend of mine and I said, ‘Oh man…they’re making fun [of me].’ She said, ‘Oh, honey, it would be far more disappointing for you if you weren’t part of it anymore.'”

But Michael says he truly realized that being “Mr. Christmas” was a good thing several years ago, when his son Noah was battling cancer.

“To be associated with kindness and love and the wonderment of kids…it was emotional for me,” he explains. “And I think it hit me even harder when we were in the hospital with Noah. And I think when I needed that kindness and I needed the empathy of the world, I think that’s what really started to impress upon me how lucky I was.”

But Michael wants to make one thing clear: There’s more to him than Christmas.

“I got great records and I do big tours all over the place, so I think I’d be far more freaked out if I truly just had Christmas,” he laughs. “I think that would kind of suck. But so far…I have other things happening!” 


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