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These are a few of HER Favorite things!

That’s right! Oprah’s Favorite Things list is here and this year, the Queen herself has picked 107 items for her coveted list.

And even better, this year’s entire list is available on Amazon!

Some of our faves:

Aarke Carbonator II– think Soda Stream, but sleaker looking!

Empowered bracelets by Maya J– a perfect gift to spread positivity to your family & friends!

Burt’s Bees PJs for the Family! –  think of how adorable your Holiday pictures will be in these matching PJs!

RapidX x5 car charger – No more fighting over car chargers, with 5 spots on the x5, everyone can charge their device!

Rabbit compact Axis corkscrew– it’s compact, it’s easy and it opens wine. Need we say more?

Katana Personal Safety System – You can’t put a price on personal safety and peace of mind. Well, technically you can, it’s $99.

Samsung QLED Smart TV– Ok, this is just pretty darn cool. When the TV is off it blends into the wall behind it! WHaaaaat!?!?

Ollie Ella Kid’s suitcase– your kiddo will be traveling in style with one of these and lets be honest, you might want to steal it for yourself!

And, of course, some of the more absurd items:

A DNA test for your dog… what’s more absurd, that someone created a DNA test for dogs or that someone would pay $159 for it?

Glamourpuss Faux Fur Mittens – yes, these mittens are adorable and you will feel like you have furry paws. That’s not the issue; they’re $78, that’s the issue!

Chicago Lasagna Trio pan – Ok, the price is right and everyone loves lasagna, but who the heck has the time to make THREE different lasagnas!?!?

Drinking Chocolate Snowman– so, you pay $38 for a snowman and then you mercilessly place him into steaming milk and melt him. Cover the kids eyes!

Pannetone– Sure, Pannetone can be delicious, but would you pay $50 for it?

Popsanity 6.5 gallon multi-flavor popcorn tin – We love popcorn as much as the next guy, but at $180, we’d probably get sick of it before we got our money’s worth!

Hurom Platinum Slow Juicer– if you have an extra $700 lying around, this may be the juicer for you. Don’t forget to take into account the amount of money you have to spend on fruits & veggies to juice!

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