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The Weeknd hasn’t made physical copies of ‘Dawn FM’ album — yet

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XO/Republic Records

Don’t expect to get your hands on a physical copy of The Weeknd‘s new album, because he hasn’t made any… yet.  

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, hours before Dawn FM arrives, he announced that he is only selling digital copies of his new album.  The revelation came after a fan noted a since-deleted tweet that declared because there will be “no physical copies (vinyls, CDs, cassettes)” during the first week of release, it will “obviously impact first week figures.”

The Canadian artist didn’t sweat the possibility of losing out on possible sales, and shot back, “This doesn’t matter to me. what matters is getting to experience the album together with the fans during these times.”

If you’re more traditional with your music consumption, no fear: you’ll soon be able to listen to The Weeknd’s new album the old-fashioned way.  According to his online store, cassette, CD and vinyl copies of Dawn FM are on sale but won’t start shipping until January 28.

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