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The Weeknd has the worst night out ever in new video for “Gasoline”

XO/Republic Records

The Weeknd has dropped yet another disturbing video as part of his new Dawn FM project.

In the clip, for the song “Gasoline,” the old version of The Weeknd that you see on the album cover — let’s call him Old Man Weeknd — crashes his car into a signpost and staggers out of his car.  He enters a nightclub, where he seems to change back into his younger self.

As Weeknd dances to the retro-’80s tune among a bunch of writhing bodies, he experiences both joy and horror, as his fellow club-goers seem to transform into zombie-type monsters and then back.  Then, Old Man Weeknd appears in the club and faces his younger self.

An enraged Weeknd then proceeds to give his older self a major beatdown, punching and kicking him, leaving him bruised and bleeding in a puddle on the floor of the club — a puddle that also appears to be some kind of portal to another world.

On Twitter Monday, The Weeknd said that with Dawn FM, fans were “experiencing a new trilogy” — leading some to suspect that a third album might follow sooner than we think.

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