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The votes are in! The worst drivers out there: Texters, Tailgaters, and Left Lane Hogs

What bugs you most when you’re on the road? The 2015 Road Rage Report form Expedia is just out, and the results say that the most hated people on the road are:

• “The texter” (26 percent of Americans surveyed hate this — not just annoying; way dangerous!)
• “The tailgater” (this one bugs 13 percent of people)
• “The left-lane hog” (my pet peeve, and 12 percent of the people agree with me)

The other most-hated driver stereotypes:

•”The crawler” (out for a Sunday drive, just seeing the sights and creeping along)
•”The multitasker” (texting, eating, and putting on mascara at 50 mph)
•”The drifter” (“left or right lane? Both!”)

The poll also rated the most annoying passengers:

• Back-seat drivers take the top spot (52 percent of people can’t stand them)
• Co-pilots who refuse to navigate (bugging 12 percent of Americans)
• People who hog the radio (10 percent)
• Passengers who take off their shoes — at least ask, okay? (7 percent)

And the big cities with the rudest drivers:

• New York City (42 percent, but hey, most of them are probably cab drivers)
• Los Angeles (32 percent)
• Chicago (18 percent)
• Washington, D.C. (16 percent)

Check out a handy infographic with the results of the Road Rage Report right here.

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