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The Value of Comfort Food

Sweet Potato Pie
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Activists and citizens alike need support as they bear this heavy burden in the fight for change.

Rose McGee, a baker in Minneapolis,

is fueling her embattled community with her famous Sweet Potato Comfort Pies.

The 69 year old and a team of volunteers deliver the pies to a makeshift memorial for George Flyod.

Each pie comes with a poem written by McGee’s daughter Rose Harmon.

“This is the sacred dessert of Black culture,” McGee told HuffPost.

At a time when it would be easy to lose hope, the pies not only offer

nourishment for the body, they feed the soul.

“They link us to our history, they soothe our souls and they renew us for the work ahead,” she said.

“I knew that I needed to do something,” she said.

”Right then, the Lord spoke to me:

Get up and bake some pies and take them down there.’”

McGee’s story is proof that sharing whatever skills you have to offer really can make a difference.

“When you think about pie, it’s not essential,

but when you think about how it makes you feel, maybe it is,”

McGee said, emphasizing the healing power of food made and distributed with love.

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