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The Top 5 Laziest Dog Breeds

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Lazy dog breeds are not for everyone.

If you crave outdoor adventure or can’t wait to go running at the crack of dawn, these sleepy breeds might not be the best fit. On the other hand, for those who think the perfect day includes a steaming hot cup of tea, a good book, and a cuddly furball to love on, these couch potatoes might be just right. Our list of the laziest dog breeds includes some adorable puppies that want nothing more than a comfy spot next to their human.

“Don’t shop, adopt!” is a popular phrase animal shelters use to help find dogs their forever home. So, what can new owners expect when they bring home a shelter dog? A new study from The Ohio State University indicates that certain behaviors change over time, such as increases in stranger-directed aggression, chasing behavior, training difficulty, excitability, and touch sensitivity at different intervals. However, that doesn’t mean dog owners regret their choice to rescue.

When lazy dogs aren’t napping, they’re usually busy stealing hearts.

In fact, a study shows that most dog owners would rather snuggle with their pets over their partners.

So, it’s a good thing these lazy breeds usually stay put for some quality cuddles.

Lazy dogs can be easy to raise, though owners will need to make sure that they are still getting enough exercise and not overeating. Apart from that, lower-energy breeds are content to spend the day snuggling and watching the world go by. Our sources helped us rank the laziest dog breeds known to man. Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

The List: Best Lazy Dog Breeds, According To Experts

1. Pekingese

2. English Bulldogs

3. Bassett Hound

4. Great Dane

5. French Bulldog 

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