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The Squishing of the Squash

Oregon Zoo elephants take on massive pumpkins and squash.

A favorite fall tradition, the annual “Squishing of the Squash” at the Oregon Zoo, continued Thursday – despite physical distancing requirements preventing a public viewing.

Portland’s resident elephants pulverized some of the region’s biggest pumpkins in what the zoo called a “prelude to ‘Howloween.’”

“Everything looks a little different for us this year, but the elephants didn’t seem to mind,” senior keeper Dimas Dominguez said. “They got one 650-pound pumpkin and a couple more pretty big ones to play with. First, they destroy them, then they enjoy them.”

According to the zoo, the tradition started in 1999 when Hoffman’s Dairy Garden in Canby dropped off a prize-winning 828-pound pumpkin for the elephants to enjoy.

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