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The Rudest Things You Can Do During Thanksgiving Dinner

A Turkey In A Hat Wishes You A Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving brings loved ones together to unplug and share a special meal.

This holiday is famously not always the most harmonious, however.

From cooking stress to tense conversations to full-on blowouts, many situations can derail a Thanksgiving dinner. But there are ways to keep things peaceful and light, as well. We asked etiquette experts to share some common rude behaviors at big holiday gatherings like Thanksgiving, and advice for avoiding them.

“Being together with family for holidays can be wonderful,” said Jodi R.R. Smith, president of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting. “It can also be taxing. Taking the time to plan and think strategically can make the difference between enjoying the interactions and pure dread.”

Rudest things:

Not RSVP-ing

Ignoring The Schedule

Bringing Dishes That Require Cooking

Starting Tense Conversations

Prying Into People’s Personal Business

Asserting Yourself In The Kitchen Without Being Asked

Not Letting The Host Know About An Allergy Or Dietary Restriction

Only Talking To People You Know

 Showing Up Empty-Handed

Assuming You Can Take Home The Leftovers

Hanging Around Too Long After Dinner

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