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The Official Word of the Day: Didja’?

How many times have you been asked already this morning?  Didja’ feel it?  Didja’ wake up? This mornings earthquake centered in Monroe while still somewhat small (4.6) is the largest we’ve felt in quite some time.  Experts mentioned this morning that the Nisqually Quake 16 years ago was two thousand times more powerful.

Hard to believe that fact considering the initial jolt we personally felt at our house.  We live north of Lynnwood, just south of Mukilteo west of I-5 but east of 99.  There was this initial JOLT that made me pick my head up quickly… then I fell right back to sleep.  I remember feeling like I was dreaming and that wasn’t much of a stretch to believe after so much talk of the earthquakes in southern California last week.

I got up at exactly 3:17, my EVERY weekday alarm time, walked down the hall to my office and that’s when it all became clear.  I’m part of a network of police scanner listeners that alert others via text message when there are sifnificant events.  This one definitley qualified.  My brain filled in the rest.  I hadn’t been dreaming.  It was all very real.  It felt like it had happened HOURS ago and not less than a half hour.  It’s weird how our brains process things.  Especially out of a dead sleep.

When I walked downstairs our pup Emmie was TICKED off.  It’s odd that later I read lots of storied on all the socials about pets being out of sorts in the seconds right before the quake hit.  Animals are so much more in touch with nature than we are.  It’s something I really admire about our furry friends.

Driving in this morning before 4am I saw quite a few more bedroom lights on than I usually see on a typical morning.

This is only the second earthquake I’ve ever felt.  We had them back in Vermont when I was growing up… but I’d always sleep though them and wonder why things had fallen off my nightstand.

I collected some screen shots from my Facebook page this morning.  So thanks to my friends for really helping to fill in some of the mystery and get the early morning word out.

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